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Sarah's Take: Terry Adams


Last December the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Terry Adams from the Chicago Cubs for Eric Young and Ismael Valdes. Being a  Dodger thrilled him  because he had a defined role. He had shoulder weakness causing him to struggle in August and September.

At 27 Terry Adams is on the verge of becoming a premier reliever in the National League.  While in Chicago the Cubs wanted him to close but kept getting veteran closers.  This frustrated him.  His mid-90 miles-per-hour fastball and slider can be unhittable. However, he struggles with his control.  With runners on base Adams is hesitant to throw a slider that often goes in the dirt resulting in wild pitches.  Throwing only fastballs to major league hitters can be suicidal to any pitcher, and it happens to Adams in crucial situations.

In 2000 Adams had a decent record but had his ups and downs.  He started April well with a 1.35 ERA.  In May he struggled with an 8.10 ERA.  His performances both in June and July were outstanding.  However, Adamsí shoulder began hurting and becoming weaker with every appearance, and the problems caused him to be ineffective in August and September.  In 66 games he had six wins, nine losses, two saves, and a 3.52 ERA.  As in the past, Adams struggled with his control when he walked 39 batters, allowed five wild pitches, and struck out 56.

Terry Adams is a young promising reliever.  If he can remain healthy and learn to control his pitches better, he has the potential to be a premier reliever in baseball. Adams will contribute to the Dodgers in 2001.

© Sarah D. Morris



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