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S a r a h ' s  D o d g e r  P l a c e

Sarah's Take: Pitching


Although many Dodger fans believed poor pitching caused the Dodgers’ disappointing performance in 2000, this was not true.  The Dodgers’ ERA of 4.10 was the second lowest in the National League, just behind the Atlanta Braves.  Before the all-star break the Dodgers had a 4.50 ERA, but they had a 3.66 ERA after the break even with two trips to Colorado.  Their fourth and fifth starters were ineffective.  Once the Dodger bullpen had been the team’s weak link, but in 2000 their bullpen was one of the best bullpens in baseball with its 3.76 ERA.  As an old baseball adage says, pitching wins games.  If the Dodgers did not receive excellent pitching the last weeks of the season, they probably would not have had a winning record.  Though pitching might be the most important aspect of baseball, every team must have good offense and defense also to reach the post season.

© Sarah D. Morris



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