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A dynasty in New York?


Last night the New York Yankees won their third consecutive world championship and their fourth in five years. It was the twenty-sixth world championship in the Yankees’ history, the most by a major league franchise. Though the New York Mets battled them valiantly in five World Series games, the Yankees still prevailed.

In this era when major leaguers change teams as frequently or more frequently as television shows, repeating a world championship more than twice is unbelievable for any team. This season the Yankees did not dominate their opponents until the playoffs. Chuck Knoblauch, their second baseman, had incredible throwing problems. The Yankees lacked a designated hitter with power. Their pitching coach, Mel Stottlemyre, suffered from blood cancer. When the Yankees clinched the world championship title, their manager Joe Torre had tears in his eyes. Because the Yankees struggled during the regular season, they think this title is special.

The Mets should be congratulated for even reaching the World Series. They were the first wild card team to reach the World Series. During the series no team won by no more than two runs. The ex-Dodgers, Mike Piazza and Todd Zeile, had good performances in the series. The Mets’ offense did not produce, and they lost the series. The Yankees said the Mets were the toughest competitor that they had played in the World Series recently.

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