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This is a frustrating time for Dodger fans


As Dodger fans, we have found this off season frustrating because the Los Angeles Dodgers have not done much yet. They took long enough to complete their managerial search. We felt they would pick somebody new and exciting such as Dusty Baker or Bobby Valentine, but their managerial choice of Jim Tracy was anticlimactic. They named their coaches, and the only excitement was when they named Jack Clark, whose home run kicked the Dodgers out of the 1985 National League Championship Series, as their batting coach. I even forgot who is their new pitching coach because I never heard of him before. While other teams sign free agents, the Dodgers have not even bid on many. This is frustrating because the Dodgers must improve themselves to have a competitive season in 2001.

This upcoming weekend the baseball winter meetings are held in Dallas. The winter meetings usually signify the last time during the off-season that most teams sign big name free agents and make significant trades. As Dodger fans, we hope Malone signs or trades for at least a proven starter and a leadoff hitter. Though the Dodgers need to improve their defense and get another power hitter, this will be difficult and highly unlikely. The Dodgers hopefully should be busy this week and weekend shaping the 2001 Dodgers.

© Sarah D. Morris



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