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Big payroll will put undue pressure on the Dodgers


Today when Terry Adams won his arbitration case against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Dodgers’ payroll reached $110 million becoming the highest payroll in baseball. This high payroll limited the Dodgers’ trades and signing of free agents during the off season. Because Fox Corporation and Bob Daly, the CEO of the Dodgers, pour tons of money into the Dodger team, they expect a world championship. When Dodger fans see that their team has the highest payroll, they expect at least a playoff berth. If the Dodgers do not make the playoffs at least, the media say the Dodgers are underachieving, and the fans say they are greedy, lazy, and do not care about winning. No one will blame Fox and Daly for handing out money irresponsibly. Only a few will blame Kevin Malone for not assembling a winner. The manager and the players will get the blame. Neither Jim Tracy nor the Dodgers need this pressure because they will do their best to win every game.

© Sarah D. Morris



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