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S a r a h ' s  D o d g e r  P l a c e

Daly forgives Sheffield and we should also


During the Gary Sheffield saga he insulted the Dodger CEO Bob Daly almost daily.  Daly has forgiven Sheffield.

When Sheffield was demanding a lifetime contract extension or a trade, he criticized five of his teammates’ contracts.  Sheffield has apologized, and they forgave him.

When Sheffield insulted Daly, insulted five Dodgers publicly, and demanded a lifelong contract extension, he produced a distraction for most of spring training.  Last Tuesday he had a closed-door meeting with Jim Tracy, the coaching staff, and his teammates to apologize for being a distraction.  Tracy, the coaching staff, and his teammates forgave him and offered their support to him.

While Sheffield was acting like a spoiled brat, he did not criticize Dodger fans.  He did not say we were not good baseball fans.  He did not apologize to us for calling our attention from Beltre, who was battling to be a normal person, and the exciting battle between young players for roster spots.  However, Sheffield did say he owes us a great performance this season.  He does, but Dodger fans should not boo him either.

I am not happy seeing Gary Sheffield in a Dodger uniform.  The Dodgers’ management cannot find a suitable trade for him, and they feel they need Sheffield’s hitting ability to have a chance to go to the playoffs.   However, I feel the Dodgers would win more without him than with him.  When I became a Dodger fan, I decided to support every Dodger no matter what he said.  I will not boo Sheffield unless he looks as if he is not doing his best.

© Sarah D. Morris



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