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Grissom is an asset to the Dodgers


When the Dodgers acquired Marquis Grissom this February, most Dodger fans believed the acquisition was bad for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Because of injuries, Grissom had a nightmarish 2000 season, where he had the lowest on-base percentage in the league.  However, he has had playoff experience, leadoff experience, and gold gloves.

Since Grissom became a Dodger, he has been excited about it.  He has helped several Dodgers. Because he has a warm and outgoing personality, he has become extremely popular with his new teammates and has already become a team leader.  When Gary Sheffield had his difficult time, Grissom offered him friendship and guidance.  Grissom gives his full-effort on every play and has  visible enthusiasm, unlike many Dodgers of the recent past.  Several Dodgers have caught Grissom's enthusiasm.  Grissom never questions what is his role nor complains about it in the media.  

Grissom has been platooning with Tom Goodwin in center field, or when the Dodgers have a lead, Grissom has finished the game in left field for Sheffield, who is not known for his defense.  Though Grissom does not have a high on-base percentage, he has had many important hits.  During the week of April 16th to 23rd he batted .471.  Now with Sheffield out Grissom has been playing daily.  This season he has batted .230 with two home runs, six RBI, and three stolen bases.

Though there are better hitters and fielders than Grissom, his off field contributions to the Dodgers are priceless.

© Sarah D. Morris



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