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Grudzielanek earns the Dodger of the Week again


Though this year the Los Angeles Dodgers have been at the top of their division, they have struggled offensively.   Many of their hitters have not gotten started.  The best word to describe the Dodger offense is inconsistent.  Mark Grudzielanek has been one of their most consistent hitters.

Mark Grudzielanek does not get much attention because many people do not perceive him as an important member of the Dodgers.  This year he has been performing exceptionally well both offensively and defensively.  He has played with intensity and enthusiasm.

Grudzielanek has been the Dodgers' second best hitter in 2001.  Though he slightly tore a ligament in his thumb, he has been playing with it heavily taped.  At first it affected his hitting, but now he has adjusted to the thumb being taped.  This season his batting average of .308 is the second best average among the Dodger regulars.  Though Grudzielanek has never been known as a power hitter, this year he has seven home runs, second most on the team.  Last week he hit in all of the games and homered in two to help the Dodgers win.

Grudzielanek has played good defense at second base.  After a year at second base he has had better range and ability to start or complete the double play. In 35 games he has committed only one error.

Mark Grudzielanek's steady presence offensively and defensively has been helping the Dodgers to achieve their goal.

© Sarah D. Morris



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