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Karros is the Dodger of the Week


Eric Karros has been known as a slow starter during his career.  As most hitters do, Karros dislikes and does not perform well in cold weather.  Last week the Dodgers experienced two types of weather.  While in Cincinnati, the weather was summer-like, so Karros turned into a run-producing machine.  However, in Chicago the weather was frigid, so Karros  struggled, as most Dodgers did, but he had one of the Dodgers' three RBI.

Karros is trying to rebound from a disappointing 2000 season. Though he had 31 home runs and 106 RBI, he had a .250 batting average in 2000.  He had a good first half, but he struggled in the second half.  Not many people knew that Karros had back pain.

This spring Karros experienced a sprained lumbar, and it slowed him.  He has had important hits to help the Dodgers win.  Karros has a .254 batting average with five home runs and eighteen RBI.  Whereas this year Karros has struggled at Dodger Stadium with a .224 average, he has hit .284 on the road.    During the week of May 1 to 6 he hit .292 with one home run and nine RBI.

The Dodgers and Eric Karros hope his good hitting and run production will continue for the rest of the season.

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