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Chris' Corner



Oh well about Baldwin coming back. He really hasn't impressed me enough to want him back. I don't care too much for junk throwing type pitchers. He's got an upper 80 MPH fast ball along with change ups he leaves up over the plate. If they let him go I would not be disappointed.

I would start with Park just to see what he's asking.  As I said before anything over 15 million a year I would tell him so long. I'd keep Adams for sure. They would be taking a chance on Brown and Ashby coming back on time, but that's a chance I'll have to take in order to improve this offense. The bullpen is second on the priority list.

Also I'm happy that it appears the Dodgers will keep Dan Evans as the GM with Dave Wallace as an assistant. The roles basically are switched. Evans has shown to be much more professional like with his demeanor. A sure improvement over Malone. His first task is not an easy one, and that is to rid the Dodgers of these highworthless contracts.

The players are not delivering enough for their pay and chances are they won't improve for 2002. If they eat some contracts fine with me, since I want someone better on the roster. ... Chris

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I think Herges will be a good closer. I would rather the Dodgers give him the role rather than going out and trade for one. IMO it will be a wasted trade.

The Dodgers have a lot of room for offensive improvement....Top of the lineup, Firstbase, shortstop, centerfield, the Bench. The bullpen would be at the top along with the offense. They won't be able to solve everything but all in time will have to be address. We have to reduce the number of free swingers on the team.

I didn't include Sheffield because offensively he's tough to replace, if the Dodgers decide to trade. It may not be a bad idea to offer him as trade bait to see how much they can get.

I still would try to keep Park at a reasonable deal... anything over 15 million a year I say good bye.

For sure I would say adios to Grissom, Goodwin, Mulholland, Trombley, Baldwin, Donnels, Orozco, and Krueter if Park leaves. Any one else? ... Chris

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Unfortunately, people will always point the finger at Eric Karros, unfairly of course because he's been a Dodger the longest. He's had a horrible year for sure, however, if we really want to look at this team he, Marquis Grissom and Alex Cora batting together (6-7-8) have really hurt this team offensively. All three are 230 hitters with OBP of less than .300. Grissom has provided moderate power while Karros and Cora have not.

Yes, the Dodgers can get by with a slumping Eric Karros. But they could also get by with Marquis Grissom or Alex Cora. It will be very difficult to get by with all three hitting the way they've been. I don't expect Alex Cora to be the guy to do the hitting so it has to be either Eric Karros or Marquis Grissom.

I wished they would have kept McKay Christensen up and left Tom Goodwin down. Another move I wouldn't mind seeing is Dave Hansen seeing more action at first. He's not too good hitting wise but he does get on base. I like the idea of Adrian Beltre at the top of the order. Who knows? A Christensen-Beltre duo at the top of the Dodger lineup could be thing of the future.

The bullpen isn't as strong as we'd like it either. Matt Herges looks like he's worn out. Not too many easy outings for him of late. Terry Mulholland and Mike Trombey have not been very sharp.

Believe it or not I don't think the rotation is the weak spot, despite the injuries. The Dodgers wasted good outings by the starters in at least 3 games during the last homestand. The bullpen has not been able to keep the Dodgers ahead or close in the late innings. Tonight Terry Adams wasn't great but the bullpen failed to keep the Dodgers close.

So in closing, I don't count the Dodgers out of it, but offensively, someone has to step up other than Paul Lo Duca, Shawn Green, and Gary Sheffield. The same with the bullpen. ... Chris

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Goodwin stinks as a lead off hitter. I like Tracy and feels he's been a major plus but he has to get it through his head that Goodwin can't be batting atop the lineup. Unfortunately I don't see immediate help via a trade since we have the rotation to consider if we make a trade.

Therefore I feel the best answer for the time being for lead off is Paul Lo Duca. Yes, the argument would be that his power is needed in the middle of the lineup. I would not disagree but the top of the lineup can't be ignore no longer. Too many 0fers are preventing the offense from being consistent. Have you've notice that they go on a hitting binge for about 8 or 9 games where they score7 or 8 runs then go silent and score 1 or 2 runs? Nothing in between like 4 or 5.

We need to address this issue fast. Goodwin vs Grissom? Neither is great getting on base. But ask yourself a big question. Who hurts the team the most? Goodwin leading off or Grissom batting 6th? I say Goodwin since he's not getting on. Grissom doesn't either but he doesn't hurt the team as much hitting lower in the lineup. And he does have some power. [A 513 SLG] Time to give up on Tom Goodwin as our leadoff hitter. ... Chris

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Sarah, biggest challenge for Wallace is once Beltre and Hansen come back is rid the Dodgers of Grissom, Donnels, Reboulet and perhaps Goodwin. I rather see Bocachica playing more than these guys. I would consider trading Pena for a top player. Now the big challenge here is if Wallace wants to keep him, then he'll have to get rid of Kreuter, regardless whether Park likes him. We can't let Pena waste away, he's at the point in his career where the Dodgers must use him, at least platooning him with Loduca, or trade him while he has some value. And we don't need three catchers up with the Dodgers.

Right now we got to many old farts ready for retirement in the lineup. They can't hit and it's hurting us.

We keep them because we say they are nice guys. OK sometimes but nice guys don't mean they're good players. They are not good players.

One more challenge facing Wallace is Sheffield. If the Dodgers are out of the running come July 31st, trade him. The Dodgers are apt to get a better deal from some desperate team looking to secure a playoff spot.

And yes. Send Perez on a one trip threw the bermuda triangle. The calling of Luke Prokopec up and not Perez should send the message that it will be Prokopec that will be the backup. ... Chris

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AROD: It is a dilemma for sure.

First I don't really think AROD was asking for a private jet and a private office. I think the Mets GM goofed. He admitted that and he also admitted he hadn't been in any talks with Boras.

Second, if I was against signing AROD, if would not be for the jet or office. Those items would cost the Dodgers hardly anything on the payroll. No,  I would be against the 20,000,000 a year. That would go against the Dodgers payroll more than a jet or office.

Third, I'll admit that I've never wavered against signing AROD and if he signed with the Dodgers, I won't speak against it, but I won't boast about the contract to other fans either. And I won't argue with those Dodger fans who were against signing him either, since I would agree that salary is way to high.

Lets face it, someone is going to pay AROD big bucks. Who? If the Dodgers don't then I hope he stays in Seattle. I don't want to see AROD in a Met or Braves uniform.

The Dodgers have been criticized by their fans for throwing money to mediocre players and now they have the opportunity to sign perhaps the top player in the game. Will those same fans criticize signing a guy like AROD? ... Chris

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